10 Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2012

By Catherine Fee

As we near the end of 2011 we reflect on the year that passed and the marketing opportunities and challenges to come in the year ahead. 2011 has seen a lot of new technologies and marketing platforms emerge, while 2012 seems set to focus on streamlining these new marketing processes as marketers become more savvy and sophisticated with the now not so new capabilities. We ask some of our Digital Day speakers to share their predictions and focus for the year ahead.

1. Social Media Influence

Social Media solidified itself as a key channel in 2011 as we saw it seamlessly integrated as the main component of a number of major successful campaigns, including NAB’s “Break-Up” campaign and Tourism Australia.

Social influence will only get stronger in 2012 as organisations start to develop more compelling and cohesive experiences for customers in new and more engaging ways. In 2011 Social Media ROI was a key factor, while next year will see marketers focusing on social media revenue generation as an increasing number of consumers flock to Facebook to find more targeted purchases. Data capture and measurement will be the focus to creating long-term effectiveness in Social Media in 2012.

“Digital is creating a transparent consumer market so better leverage of customer advocacy with a focus on C2C will be fundamental to compete, especially for brands that don’t compete on price. We’re creating integrated social applications to promote brand success with the aim to better engage new audiences.” John-Paul Talbot, Digital Projects Consultant, Fuzzy – Parklife

2. Mobile

If 2011 was the year of the app, 2012 is fast set to become the year of the mobile wallet which will mean a dramatic shift in the way we will look at mobile marketing. Mobile has become an opportunity to market to potential consumers in real time. As the mobile wallet quickly becomes a reality, marketers will have to consider the 360 degree path to purchase. Marketers will need to focus on developing a different form of communication with their customer through targeted messages and brilliant data. Shifting from e-commerce to m-commerce will enable on-the-spot transactions. Rethinking how we use mobile will give consumers exhilarating new interactions with brands.

“I think Social e-commerce is on everyone’s lips and F commerce is something our brand would like to trial as our next step in our digital efforts.” Therese Waters, National Marketing Manager, Clinique

3. Data

New technologies are providing us with new opportunities to gain a single customer view and track customer behaviour. Data will reign supreme as it becomes the most important factor to enable us to really capatilise on the integration of touch points and platforms. There will be a real focus on data visualisation along with a high demand on super granular ROI and analysis in order to make a real connection with audiences. Marketers will have to be mindful that as new technologies emerge and unify, customers will be more cagy about data privacy and protection. Marketers will come out on top if they discover their customers preferred channel which will maximise acquisition and build lasting relationships.

4. Content Marketing

2012 will focus more on the customer experience and gaining a one-to-one conversation to better engage with current and potential consumer bases. More focused communities will be developed as content sharing will become increasingly crucial. Sophisticated data will enable marketers to effectively connect with their audience.

“Interface and content are what counts. With interface, the future is all about touch. Content, on other hand, will be shaped by the sharing filter.” Hal Crawford, Head of News, ninemsn

5. Geo-Marketing

As smart phones and tablets continue to flourish, the opportunity for marketers to reach consumers at that critical moment and be in the right place at the right time is too good an opportunity to miss in 2012. Geo marketing will mature and provide marketers with a unique opportunity to focus on the ‘human’ element, whether that’s through live chat, virtual environments or Social Media. Not only that but 2012 will see marketers exploit the opportunity of geo-location marketing to capture a complete and holistic understanding of their customers’ interactions.

6. Gamification

According to Gartner, by 2015 a gamified service for consumer goods marketing and customer retention will become as important to companies’ marketing departments as Facebook and Twitter. Gartner further predicts that in less than three years more than 70 percent of Global 2000 organisations will have at least one gamified application.

“We recognised early the importance of expanding across multiple digital platforms to reach millions of audiences throughout the world, breaking out storied brands like PAC-MAN to diverse digital media to increase its visibility from one platform to another.  In 2012 that will become more important than ever with the expediential proliferation of smart phones, tablets, and streaming services adding to the already rich digital ecosystem that has become the standard.” Carlson Choi, Vice President – Marketing, Namco Bandai Games (US)

7. Interactive TV

As more people adopt interactive televisions we will see a lot more device integration; TV, computers, tablets, and smart phones will become a unified single source of incoming and outgoing communication which will create more engaging experiences for customers along with greater potential for marketers. Interactive magazines will become more mainstream and marketers will no doubt try to capitalise on this opportunity to connect with their audience on a more one-to-one basis.

“With the increase in mobile and fixed internet speeds and the proliferation of new smart devices Network Ten will be focused on delivering its’ viewers their favourite shows on demand and through their device of choice in 2012.” Vincent Dempsey, Head of Digital Media, Network Ten

8. Cloud Computing

2011 saw a huge uptake in cloud technology and next year will see this this area grow and mature. With cloud becoming more accessible to the average person, privacy and data issues are predicted to decrease and marketers will be able to truly capatilise on this potential.

9. Digital Integration

2012 will be the year of digital convergence marketing with multiplatform viewing devices. Integration will need to be seamless across all channels and technologies as marketers become smarter about the touch points they use to connect with their audience. To survive and thrive marketers must put the customer experience first start and maintain conversations with customers across multiple channels and devices

“Digital integration can’t just be about what the company wants to relay – it has to be about what the customer has to add to the conversation.  The most exciting innovations come from listening, not talking.” Dae Levine, Head of Communication, Greenpeace

10. Accountability

“2012 will be the year of digital accountability – where investments in Social Media and other digital channels like cool mobile apps will need to prove their ROI in real business value terms. The answer to these questions from board level will be an effective digital strategy linked to key business objectives, and really smart use of data to understand customers, so expect a focus on pointy-headed data folk and geeky number-crunchers rather than hipster social media gurus.”  Mike Zeederberg, Managing Director, Zuni

Overall, 2012 will be less about talk and more about action, social commerce, digital convergence and the mobile wallet will certainly be key areas to watch out for.

To hear more about the future of digital and how to capitalise on new technologies and platforms for marketing campaigns, don’t miss ADMA’s Digital Day.

This full day event will be held in Brisbane on 10 November, Melbourne 14 November and Sydney 16 November. Visit the website to find out more: www.digitalday.adma.com.au

3 thoughts on “10 Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2012

  1. I would like to participate on your blog. can you please email me a copy of your social media policy and blog policy


  2. Perhaps No. 11 could be the integration of Social and physical – if indeed marketers are focussing on developing a different form of communication with their customer through targeted messages and brilliant data, then they should also be looking at ways to achieve and enhance their customer engagement – enter stage left Direct Mail!

    Have to say that the Daily blog is the best thing to come out of ADMA in years

  3. Does anyone read this before posting it? “Data” as a digital marketing trend? “Gamification” ?? This is complete proof that marketers live in a world of their own.

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