BMF Wins at the US ECHO Awards 2011

by Tim Wood

As BMF celebrate their Echo Awards, we look at each of their winning campaigns to see how they won the judges over in Boston this year.

At the recent US Direct Marketing Association Awards, BMF was the highest awarded Australian Agency. Their Weight Watchers ‘Approved by Life’ campaign picked up Silver, and BMF’s own ‘Wow Sit Down Thing’ picked up Bronze.  They also won three Leader awards for Lambassador, The Smith Family ‘Ground Zero’ and The Commonwealth Bank ‘Cricket Grants’. Tim Wood tells us how they did it.

‘Approved by Life’ for Weight Watchers

Diets often assume you live in a perfect world where everything runs smoothly. But this is rarely the case; random things happen that making sticking to a diet virtually  impossible. It’s something Weight Watchers understands. So with Weight Watchers, you can eat your own food, enjoy a night out with friends, and plan a birthday with all the trimmings – everything you expect to sacrifice when you’re trying to lose weight. This lead us to the insight, ‘Approved by Life’. It’s an approach that turned the category on its head – using a fresh, contemporary, younger tone of voice and dispelling some old myths about the brand. To view Approved by Life, click here > 

‘Wow Sit Down Thing’ for BMF

Every year BMF looks to hire the best and brightest from the AFA Graduate program.
But anyone can sit on a seat in an ad agency. We wanted grads who would
actually do something with their seat. So we sent them their future seat at BMF
and challenged them to do something amazing with it. And just like a real agency
deadline, they only had one week to respond by uploading their creation to our
blog, which could be viewed by the entire agency. It was a completely fresh
approach to the usual hiring process. And it also showed that BMF was a fun and
creative place to work (even after we finished hiring, graduates were still
sending us their CVs). To view the Wow Sit Down Thing, click here >

‘Lambassador’ for Meat and Livestock Australia

Australia’s Lambassador, Sam Kekovich, embarked on another ‘diplambatic’ mission, this time to help the EU out of its current economic woes. His recipe was simple: Europe should be more Australian. After all, Australia’s economy is the envy of the
world. So the economically-challenged Europeans could do a lot worse than taking
a leaf out of our book – which, of course, means eating more lamb, especially on Australia Day. Sam’s Chop Deck tour of Europe saw him barbecuing in  the blizzards in London, riding through the ruins on a donkey in Greece, frowning at frogs’ legs in France, and racing around Rome in a Lamborghini. To view Lambassador, click here >

‘Ground Zero’ for The Smith Family

Some tragedies – like earthquakes, floods and bushfires – happen in an instant. Others can last a lifetime. It’s a reality that over 680,000 disadvantaged Aussie kids face every day. So our challenge was to focus Australians’ attention on this important issue; one that rarely makes the headlines. By showing disadvantaged children in everyday school environments, and using terminology normally reserved for crisis situations, we demonstrated the real crisis these kids face along with the critical nature of the work done by The Smith Family in addressing their need.

‘Cricket Grants’ for Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank has a long history of supporting Australian cricket. In 2009, the Bank instituted its ‘Grants for Grassroots’ cricket program, giving 200 clubs across the country the opportunity to receive a $1,750 grant. To encourage clubs to apply,
we tapped into the truth that it takes a lot of people to run a cricket club. We wanted to show that the Commonwealth Bank, through these grants, was effectively one of many ‘supporters’ behind the scenes. This was a bold piece of communication for Australia’s biggest banking institution to produce: one that clearly resonated with the target market. It also helped to increase the size of the bank’s cricket database, helping them talk to a wider base of clubs.

Article provided by Tim Wood, BMF. With thanks to Rob Chandler, BMF and ADMA Agency Council Executive Committee Member.

ADMA Awards: The ADMA Awards are being held at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel on Thursday 24/11.  To attend the ADMA Awards Night visit

Digital Day: Join us at ADMA Digital Day to hear the latest and greatest in digital marketing.  Digital Day takes place 10/11 in Brisbane, 14/11 in Melbourne and 16/11 in Sydney. For more information click here >

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