Mobile Marketing Best Practice

By Maryjane Aviles, Oliver Palmer and Elly Towns, ADMA Digital Council.

The opportunities for Direct Marketing campaigns on mobile are as many and varied as any other digital channel. According to the end of year White Paper released by ADMA’s Digital Council, the key for marketers is getting the message appropriate for the medium being used, which is particularly important in mobile with its limited screen size and immediate nature of the channel.

The Whitepaper demonstrates the simple steps that can be taken to deliver effective and successful campaigns that build loyalty and deliver the right message at the right time to the right person, something that is only possible on a truly personal device – the mobile phone.

Although Mobile is a relatively new channel the fundamental principles of marketing are just as applicable to mobile direct marketing campaigns as they are to any form of direct marketing.

The Australian Mobile Marketplace – Audience Composition

Due to the interest in mobile, many reports have been issued around the demographics and profiles of users. Although the absolute numbers will change, there are certain key themes and trends that will continue.

Creating a Mobile Site – with over 50% of Australians regularly using the mobile Internet and, more importantly, browsing on the mobile internet is set to exceed desktop browsing by 2014. A key metric for website usage is session time, that is, the longer a user spends on your website the more valuable the site is.

Although over 80% of mobile internet browsing in Australia takes place on an iPhone,  this is changing as other handset manufacturers release updated models.

An interesting point made from the Whitepaper was with regards to banner advertising, and for marketers to think “beyond the click”. Too often are we focused on getting people to click on the ad that we forget about what really matters to us.

SMS Campaigns

This is often the first type of mobile initiative that springs to mind when one thinks of mobile marketing. SMS at the moment is running the risk of customers being desensitised to texts somewhat like email has become.

Following on from the success of Apple’s iPhone device which was launched in Australia in June 2008, mobile applications have become extremely popular as marketing tools for brands. Early examples such as Carlton’s iPint application were considered gimmicky, however branded applications which highlight brand benefits and tap in to consumer behaviour can be extremely effective as marketing tools.

Integrating Email and Mobile into your Marketing Strategy

It’s clear from the paper that marketing is at an interesting turning point; long gone are the days when a brand could go out with a loud advertising campaign and expect to gain or increase market share. The rules of marketing are being rewritten or adapted the more consumers take up new channels and technologies to inform their choices and purchases. In fact, when we look at our case studies and the results from email and mobile – the age of digital provides marketers with an opportunity to really listen to its customers in order to inform strategy and creative – thus growing the brands they are promoting.

While most brands have safely embraced the benefits of email marketing, there are still many that are cautious about taking the leap into mobile or integrating the two in an overall campaign. The Whitepaper is a call to action for marketers is to assist their brands to catch up with consumers who are already using multiple channels in their day-to-day interactions.

Play Positive Politics

Before putting a plan together, marketers need to put themselves in the shoes of their divisional peers to understand the key metrics of their business. This will assist with playing positive politics and to sell the idea of a broader or multi-channel campaign that may be more innovative than what the brand may be accustomed to using. Marketers can gain powerful allies from other business divisions if they understand this upfront before putting pen to paper to create their plan. Further, the most talented marketers will be able to negotiate budget from other divisions as a campaign may deliver shared or ancillary goals. Which leads to the next point (mentioned a number of times in the paper), an alignment on goals will ensure that you track and analyse the right results for Marketing and the business’.

You are Only as Good as your Database

It’s critical for marketers who want to deliver successful and powerful campaigns to ensure they do everything possible to have up-to-date databases. No one is going to come to your party if you continue to send the invitation to the incorrect address or person. It is a simple rule, and yet is one of the most challenging areas for brands to maintain.

Download the white paper here.

White Paper created by ADMA Digital Council Members:

Maryjane Aviles, Client Services Director, Moon Communications Group
Oliver Palmer, Co-founder and Head of Innovation, TigerSpike
Elly Towns, Director, Growth & Retention Marketing Development Manager, IAG.

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