A Revelation of Marketing through the Expert Groups


Just over a week ago, the first Expert Group meeting took place. With over 70 senior marketers attending there were a number of critical marketing issues and emerging trends identified.

Two interesting statements that stood out included:
1. Demystification of Marketing

The issues each group had in this area was mainly around the ‘buzz words’ that marketers use. Many of us use various statements, however many marketers openly admit that there is disparity on the definition of certain terms. A prime example of this is the term ‘Big Data’, which has appeared frequently in the past year, but means different things to different people.

The challenge will be to ensure marketers are talking the same language. It’s about making the “complex simple and the simple compelling”, as Phil Smith, Managing Director of Apparent stated.

2. Measurement

ADMA stands for measurable and accountable marketing and therefore will work with the Expert Groups to provide the industry with clear direction, actionable insights and statistics which organisations can measure, benchmark and improve their current capability. The Expert Groups will focus on providing marketers with the math behind the marketing through various initiatives throughout the year.

So what does the future hold for these Expert Groups?

The group continues to analyse the state of the market by identifying the common trends on the practical and theoretical areas of marketing and to develop a framework that pushes big thinking to a new level.


The aim for each group is to be at the core of marketing excellence and to take an active role in charting the future of the Australian marketing industry. Each group will drive innovation and will pilot the way forward to inspire future achievement. They will balance support and innovation to the industry in everything they do and will be an active demonstration of world’s best practice in direct and relationship marketing.

Not only that but they will strive for improving Australia’s position globally and taking a leadership position on a global stage.

What this space for the first announcement towards the end of April.

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