Tell stories: boost loyalty


We don’t mean tell lies, of course. Organisations are increasingly using storytelling and conversation through relevant and valuable content to engage audiences. Everyone hates a hard sell: we put the TV on mute during ad breaks, automatically delete sales emails and tune out to the estimated three thousand advertising messages we’re exposed to every day.

BUT we love a blog that makes us laugh, or a newsletter that gives great tips on how to renovate our home or manage our money better. We trust the sender. We like what they have to say. So when it comes to making a purchase, our decision is easy.

ADMA’s new short course, Content Marketing, will be launched in October this year, starting in Sydney and Melbourne. The course teaches how to develop a brand story, an effective and measurable content strategy and understand best practice content management. Know which tools you can use, get a ten step plan to follow for successful implementation, then set KPIs and track ROI.  Simple.

Storytelling sounds fluffy and nice, but used well is an extraordinarily successful way to get cut-through and grow brand loyalty.

Richard Parker, the course instructor, is the Head of Digital at Edge. A guru of content marketing, Richard draws on international best-practice from his UK career where he was Director of marketing agency Better Things.

For more information on the course (and valuable content!) visit our website and enrol today.

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