What’s your Brand Story?


Firms have been creating and curating relevant and compelling materials that position themselves as industry experts or a brand deserving of loyalty for many years, but the shift in focus to content marketing has been gathering pace. In an August 2011 survey from the Content Marketing Institute around 60% of (B2B) firms said they would increase their content marketing in 2012, while in a more recent survey (Feb 2012, US Creative firm Outbrain) 82% of firms said they expected to increase their content marketing efforts.

The upsurge in interest in content marketing has been fuelled largely by consumers themselves. In a survey of internet users by JZ Analytics in 2011, 54% of those polled said they consumed over 20 hours of digital content per week. Of course this is not just material put out there by firms wanting to engage with them, it includes user generated content. However it does show that consumers are receptive to good quality content, and will actively seek it out at various stages of the buying cycle for all manner of products and services.

So the battleground for consumers’ attention is shifting from traditional advertising channels to content and the brands with the best content will be the winners. So what is good content and how do you develop a winning content strategy?

People are inspired by stories and with the aid of examples, Richard Parker, Head of Digital at Edge, will show how successful brands have used storytelling to build their brand during our new content marketing short course. As he says in his white paper ‘Tell me a story’ – “The creation of a compelling and powerful brand is essentially the result of creating a story people want to be a part of”. The paper goes on the cite 27 ways in which marketers can create a great story.

In the one day content marketing course Richard will explain how to leverage archetypes, metaphors, myths and legends to inform your content strategy – and engage more closely with your audience.


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