Big Data, Enables Big Insights, and Delivers Big Results

The world is infinitely more complex and fragmented. With the emergence of digital channels, marketers have new challenges to address in terms of how to effectively navigate issues like ‘big data’ in the most effective way. As the lines between traditional and digital marketing disappear, there are many who insist that a singular focus can help understand the complexities of this new marketing era. Big data promises to enable marketers to effectively master the dizzying array of data and technology and enable marketers to make for better decision-making. But can it to turn digital data chaos into valuable, usable data for marketers?

There are many market challenges; advertising underperforms because the wrong data is used and the era of the empowered consumer requires new strategies. Marketing solutions like big data need a customer-centric focus. However navigating the complexity of big data and applying data driven insights across an entire enterprise is a whole new world of difficulty.

Many organisations are discussing the impact of data-driven marketing and advertising on delivering big results. However marketers now require a fully integrated solution that will enable them to activate, manage and apply insights from multiple data sources –offline, online, anonymous data across the entire enterprise .

Big data offers untold impact of data insights that comes from simultaneously leveraging client data assets and partner data to deliver massive uplift in performance. Not only that but you can drive insights derived through anonymous digital data assets to enhance offline marketing effectiveness.

The challenge for marketers will be how they can evaluate customer data across online and offline worlds to achieve true multi-dimensional insight to provide a clearer and actionable consumer engagement strategy.

Take high-precision offline data and traditional direct marketing techniques and apply them in the online world – both known and anonymously. Marketers will need to turn this digital data chaos into valuable, usable data for marketers

If marketers get it right, big data can offer an increased return on marketing investment by 15-30% without increasing total marketing spend. It can also increase customer portfolio value 10-15% along with points of margin 5-7%.

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