Craic-y! We all love St Patrick’s Day



The year’s biggest Irish holiday falls on a Sunday, but that won’t deter millions of people around the globe from wearing green, quaffing Guinness at an Irish pub or eating corned beef and cabbage.

St Patrick’s Day may be a non-gift giving holiday, but the Guinness will flow (at least 13 million pints worldwide!) and consumers will happily spend their money on green drinks, Kiss Me I’m Irish pins, funny top hats, shamrock stickers and cards amongst other things.

How will you celebrate? Continue reading

Ones and Zeros Marketing

Zeros and Ones

With technology moving so fast it’s hard to predict whether we will still be calling digital marketing digital even one year from now, or whether we’ll drop the tag altogether, as everything seems to be digital these days.

Whatever it’s going to be, ones and zeros will continue to help us drive sales and be creative while doing it. Here are a few ideas about where we are headed. Continue reading

Mobile apps to be essential in 2013

By Ryan Bonnici, Head of Marketing APAC, ExactTarget


These days, nearly everyone I know owns a smartphone. People (myself included) are switched on 24/7, accessing email, social media and other online content anytime, anywhere. Marketers are finally catching on to this trend worldwide and are starting to target mobile devices in their planning. According to reports, marketers will be dedicating up to half of their marketing budget to digital activities in 2013. How incredible is that – and for a channel that wasn’t even on most marketers’ radar 5 years ago. Continue reading

“In Space No One Can Hear You Scream” … or text


Andriod is now officially the world’s quickest smartphone operating system. An Android-powered phone was blasted off into space on Monday at the speed of nearly 160 km/h. Known as “phonesat”, the device is the first off-the-shelf smartphone to be sent out of the earth’s atmosphere. Continue reading

Four Core Metrics of Mobile Strategy

By adam corney, business lead, minimega


Whenever you’re planning or reviewing your mobile strategy, it’s often unclear which metrics are actually practical and which are just vanity.

Here are four core metrics that have proven themselves useful. Continue reading

Social Media Pulls a Disappearing Act

Magic_adma blog pic

No, this not about the decaying web and the disappearance of your tweets. Although it’s true, according to a study about 27% of online content referenced by social media in the last two years had been lost. It’s about the disappearance of social media as we know it. Continue reading

Sex, Laughs and Super Bowl

Super Bowl

For marketers it’s not about the Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers, it’s all about the $133,333 a second for a half-minute of airtime and the buzz it creates. Welcome to the ad world’s Super Bowl. Continue reading