Privacy: The Critical Global Issue for Marketers

Privacy is one of the most critical issues for marketers and advertisers worldwide.

In mid-April, ADMA chaired a meeting of twenty worldwide DMA’s in London to discuss critical issues affecting the future of marketing and advertising. At the top of the agenda for almost every country was the issue of privacy and the concern about how it will affect the future of marketing and advertising. (Click here to hear international viewpoints).

Data increasingly sits at the heart of marketing and advertising. Decisions on how to reach customers, engage interest and provide better service are all reliant on using data. This has long been the mantra of marketers but is now extending to all forms of advertising… and in fact business in general.

However, as corporations get ever-smarter in using data to deliver on customer needs and expectations, the progress is being countered by the threat of ever increasing restrictions imposed by ill-considered privacy proposals. Continue reading