Ensuring Employee Satisfaction Impacts Customer Experience

By Cynthia Clark, Senior Writer, 1to1 Media

Making sure that customers are satisfied with their experience with a company is an essential part of any organisation’s job. However, it’s also imperative to make sure that employees are happy, since they’re the ones interacting with customers and can have an important impact on their experience.

Unhappy employees, even if they’re trying their best to do their job well, could have a negative impact on a customer, especially if there is face-to-face interaction. For example, when a new supermarket opened close to my home, I started shopping there frequently. But although I was finding all the items I needed–and more–at a good price, I was leaving the store in a bad mood. The main reason was that I repeatedly came across employees who made me feel as if it was a burden to check me out.

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Customer Satisfaction – Important Points to Remember

By Mina Karpouzas.

Anyone managing a contact centre would agree that it’s not all about call centre metrics that make a contact centre function.

Contact centres of yester years were designed to be transactional and only designed to handle call after call.  Service level was the only real target to measuring efficiency and satisfaction. Now a days contact centres are more advanced.  There are more targets coupled with the variety of tools and systems at our disposal.  This makes contact centres of today somewhat of a challenge.

One important target which is at the forefront is the voice of the customer, better known as customer satisfaction.

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