Direct Mail Helps Save Children’s Lives


An estimated 26.000 children worldwide under the age of five die every day from preventable causes such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria. For UNICEF, an effective marketing campaign is one that is grounded in an understanding of their target audiences, overseas development issues and the impact this has on children.

Stephanie Phillips, Direct Marketing Manager – Retention at UNICEF Australia says “It is vital for us to communicate that each individual have the power to bring about better lives for children in war torn countries”. For most non for profit organisations and in particular UNICEF, mail is the preferred communication channel. “We use direct mail as it comes across as being real, authentic and personal,” she says.

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Customer acquisition: staying ahead of the changing game


ADMA’s Multi-Channel Acquisition Marketing Seminar will take place on the 5th, 7th and 8th December (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney) bringing together leaders in acquisition marketing under one roof to discuss the latest and greatest customer acquisition techniques and strategies.

It is clear the customer acquisition game has changed! Direct mail has always played a pivotal role in customer acquisition and is still considered one of the most powerful acquisition channels.  However, times are changing. Consumers making purchasing decisions require more information at their fingertips – a trend which will only be heightened with the proliferation of smartphones. That is not to say direct mail takes a back seat – far from it.  Instead, incorporating new channels, such as mobile, to enhance the effectiveness of traditional channels, such as direct mail, we can make the customer journey easier and quicker, increase response rates and ensure our direct marketing dollars work harder.

Mobile marketing and direct mail are now logical partners. Incorporating mobile elements into a direct mail strategy bridges the gap between traditional, proven direct marketing channels and new digital media. It allows direct mail, a once static channel, to become instantly dynamic thereby transforming a passive activity into interactivity for minimal cost and effort.

Including QR codes, or even an SMS call to action, can enhance any direct mail piece by providing  an easy to use consumer call to action, and encouraging the customer to learn more about the product or service at that moment of interest.

For example, a Bloomingdale’s direct mail piece successfully embedded mobile touch points to alert consumers of its eleven days of new trends and fashion happenings and ultimately drive them to purchase.

Some of the benefits, from a direct mail standpoint, of adding a mobile call to action are.

  • Increases the ability to better measure.
  • Allows the direct mail message to be tight and succinct with any additional information being provided through the electronic aspect.
  • May reduce cost if less material needs to be printed and more information can be provided on line
  • The recipient can immediately interact with the company or brand rather than have to put off the activity until he or she is in front of a computer.

The benefits of a multi-channel acquisition approach are clear. The next step is mastering which channels to use and how to resonate with your audience to produce the best response. To hear from the experts I hope that you can join us at the ADMA Multi-Channel Marketing Seminar. I look forward to seeing you there!