How To Make Visitors Fall In Love With Your Landing Pages

By Chris Fell, Managing Director, g2m Solutions

Are you in love with your landing pages? Does you heart beat just a little faster when you check out its form fields and gaze longingly at its stunning Calls-To-Action?

Well you should be! Landing pages convert those flirtatious site visitors who are just checking you out and turns them into, well if not life long partners, then at least a first dinner date!

But there’s a Big Problem with Landing Pages

Typically, B2B marketers use landing pages as part of their website lead generation process. But how much is that beautiful site traffic worth if your site visitors don’t convert? According to New York Times Best Selling author, Bryan Eisenberg, on average only 2% of visitors convert once they reach a landing page!

That is a staggeringly low statistic if you stop for a moment and consider that in most cases the visitor has chosen (by clicking on a link) to go there.

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