Four Core Metrics of Mobile Strategy

By adam corney, business lead, minimega


Whenever you’re planning or reviewing your mobile strategy, it’s often unclear which metrics are actually practical and which are just vanity.

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Interview with Deborah Kytic – Driving Customer Advocacy

In this week’s interview, we receive some valuable insights from one of ADMA’s most renowned relationship marketing consultants – Deborah Kytic. Deborah has an array of marketing experience which spans over a 20 year period. She has been at the helm of one of Australia’s best known brands, and now runs her own consultancy, Loqium. In this interview Deborah discusses the balance of achieving a scientific approach to your loyalty initiative whilst incorporating good old-fashioned creativity, and finally insights into why Guinness is one of her favourite brands.

1. What was the trickiest aspect of working for a large corporate like Optus and trying to gain customer engagement on an intimate / one-to-one basis?

Ensuring that you have the right data and capabilities so that you’re not just doing everything to the masses is quite tricky. Also, how to refine your offers and communications in a way that will make your customers feel like you’re talking to them one-on-one.

It is such a challenge to drive campaigns that contribute to the bottom line whilst driving good data standards that enable you to talk to customers in more intimate way. it’s a simple fact that some companies do it in better ways that others.

2. What has being at the helm of one of Australia’s best known brands given you in terms of experience?

One of the most important aspects for working for big organisations is learning how to get cut-through of your ‘big ideas’. This is a lesson you can take from the largest to smallest of organisations. The experience teaches you how to construct and win an argument with facts and data and enable you to sell your idea. You also learn how to get ideas in front of right people so that they can make decisions. Continue reading

Direct Mail Helps Save Children’s Lives


An estimated 26.000 children worldwide under the age of five die every day from preventable causes such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria. For UNICEF, an effective marketing campaign is one that is grounded in an understanding of their target audiences, overseas development issues and the impact this has on children.

Stephanie Phillips, Direct Marketing Manager – Retention at UNICEF Australia says “It is vital for us to communicate that each individual have the power to bring about better lives for children in war torn countries”. For most non for profit organisations and in particular UNICEF, mail is the preferred communication channel. “We use direct mail as it comes across as being real, authentic and personal,” she says.

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