Social Media Pulls a Disappearing Act

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No, this not about the decaying web and the disappearance of your tweets. Although it’s true, according to a study about 27% of online content referenced by social media in the last two years had been lost. It’s about the disappearance of social media as we know it. Continue reading

Quick Tips for a Successful Mobile Campaign

By Ryan Bonnici, Head of Marketing APAC, ExactTarget


Today’s consumers are highly connected and expect brands to adapt rapidly to their needs, communicating across email, mobile and social media.

For marketers, it’s very important to understand what customers expect from their interactions with your company. Successful marketers know that customers want brands to create relationship-driven experiences through the channels they use most. Continue reading

Likes, loves and loyalty

Image: Courtesy of TIBCO

We really enjoyed TIBCO Loyalty Lab’s recent presentation at ADMA’s Lunch and Learn. Brett Hannath, the Lab’s Director of Marketing, was talking about monetising on brand engagement through social interactions.

Here are a few takeaways from their most recent whitepaper called Success with Social Loyalty. Continue reading

#MelbCup: Shoud have listened to Twitter

Screen grab of a video by Guardian, Channel 7 Melbourne Cup live broadcast.

The race that stopped the nation for several minutes has had all the online community talking for days.

It started with @melissahoyer, @becjuddloves, @napoleonperdis, @Myer_MyStore
and the likes twitting fashion images: Rose Byrne, Jennifer Hawkins, Duchess of Cornwall
and dresses, hats, hats and more hats … Continue reading

Digital Storm

Screen grab of a video by NASA

As a 1,500-kilometer-wide storm hurricane Sandy was ravaging the East Coast of the United States, despite power outages, the digital world saw yet another storm of messaging, comms, mobile app traffic and big data. Here are a few quick facts: Continue reading

39 kilometres of social media coverage

A snapshot of a YouTube video by Red Bull Stratos.


Felix Baumgartner fell to Earth from stratosphere on Sunday, travelling faster than the speed of sound without the assistance of a craft.

It was a giant leap for a man, as well as for the YouTubing, Facebooking and Twittering mankind.

Here’s how his four-minute, 20-second death-defying fall translates to social media numbers: Continue reading

Why B2B Marketers Should Invest in Organic Traffic for SEO

by Michela Ziady, g2m Solutions

Announced by Google in August this year, a record hit of 3 billion searches are being made per day – a notable increase since 2011 where figures were just above 1.5 billion. So what’s important about this?

Well, other than the growth in traffic equating to an increase in potential leadsmore online conversation and buzz, and more traffic to your particular site, there’s a marked correlation between organic content and SEO. Thought you knew that already? Let’s take a look at the figures, and other insights provided by Rand Fishkin, (CEO SEOmoz) and Dharmesh Shah (CTO, HubSpot) in their webinar on The State of SEO and Internet Marketinginbound marketing vs paid advertising

Inbound marketing trumps paid ads

Of all clicks made on any given SERP, 75% of these clicks go to organic results and not paid ads. Ouch if you just bid for a fairly pricey ad. But, for many B2B inbound marketers, this validates an exciting truth: inbound drives the vast majority of traffic on the web. SEO is steamrolling paid search. And content drives SEO. This means that any inbound marketer needs to be Continue reading

Facebook User Posts Now Regulated

David Simon, Head of Public Policy & Corporate Affairs, ADMA

Few regulatory compliance issues have caused as much of a media storm as the news last week that the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) is of the view that a Facebook site of an advertiser is advertising and marketing communication.

What that means in practical terms is that the content of a site needs to comply with the rules for advertising, as contained in the AANA Code of Ethics.

Fair enough, some might think.  If a company sets up a Facebook page to promote a brand to the public, it seems common-sense that it’s a marketing message.  But is it really that simple to apply the usual rules to all the content on a Facebook page?  The Advertising Standards Board thinks so.  And they’re not the only ones. Continue reading

Driving Innovation with a Clear Mobile Strategy

Kim Eupene, eCommerce: Social Media & Mobile Analyst, Virgin Australia

Without a clear mobile strategy, it can be impossible to recognise when and what to invest in – and investing in everything is likely to prove too costly and demanding for any organisation to successfully maintain,” says Kim Eupene, e-Commerce: Social Media and Mobile Analyst at Virgin Australia.

Smartphones are part of people’s everyday lives, and it has become vital for businesses to take advantage of the opportunities given by these tools. Fast changing mobile behaviours need to be clearly analysed in order to offer customers what they are looking for. Ms Eupene explains that “at Virgin Australia we place a lot of value in research and feedback from our guests. Understanding how our guests are interacting with us, what tools they are using to do this, and what we should be doing better to improve their experience with us are all key.”

Our Mobile Planet: Understanding the Mobile Consumer, a recent report undertaken by Google, has revealed that 52% of Continue reading